Just want to share what I’m hoping for

So I never post and thought I would share what im working on. Im not sure which picture downloaded first but the pairings are
Pastel, black pastel X acid enchi orange dream yellowbelly

And the other is a spider, ghost X fire, het axanthic, het ghost
What do y’all think? And what are you workin on? Thanks for looking!!


Congrats on your first post, its good to share. Sounds like some interesting combos possible.

Here are this years attempts:
My first wont be tried again for some time, to many possible outcomes for a beginner.
The rest is more or less where i am settling. (got to breed what makes me happy)

1, Russo, Orange dream. pinstripe, yellow belly X Pastel lesser. :crazy_face: Too many possibilities for me now.
2. Pastel Mojave x Mojave fire
3, Lesser VPI x Super lesser
4, Super Banana x Pastel Butter
5, Albino genetic stripe X Albino
6, Albino genetic stripe X het Albino/het VPI

Some will know the outcomes, but the focus is on white snakes and types of albino, pastel lesser and Mojave.
If your not experienced and interested in the details, you can always put them in the MorphMarket calculator for the details


That’s one thing that does worry me with the acid combo if she lays there is ALOT if possible combos and I’m sure I’ll be posting pics for help but I’m hoping for a black pastel acid enchi. I love the acid with dark genes. And mojave is one that isn’t yet in my collection but it’s on the list. I hope it all works out for you!


Just yes! Gorgeous!