Know anyone who sells Gila monsters?

Hey , does anyone know someone who breeds and sells Gila monsters ?

They aren’t legal to own in some places, in addition to being venomous, so I’m not sure if MorphMarket would allow them to be listed. ( @staff ?) If they are a permitted species to list, you would want to keep your eyes peeled HERE.


Yea , I was trying figure that part out cause I didn’t know if they were or weren’t. Cause I seen a few people with them but on the other hand I hear people saying they don’t know which states can have them. But thank you for helping.

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We are not allowed to recommend breeders on the forum so searching different sales sites is your best bet. I would also advocate finding a trustworthy, reputable, responsible keeper that has one and talking with them first to learn the ins and outs of the species and perhaps get some mentorship before diving in. Added advantage there is that they can probably point you to a good breeder.

As far as local legality, again, if there is a keeper in your state they can help you sort that out. You can also check with your local FWS office as they ought to know


Well considering if they are legal to own in your area I would recommend going to a few expos and trying your luck there. I remember many times where I saw Gila monsters or Mexican beaded lizards at the expos I went to over the years.