Last clutch of the season, and the hits just keep coming

Pastel het TriStripe x Mojave het TriStripe

All I wanted was a visual TriStripe and I really hoped for a TriStripe Mojave

Looked good to start…

Or maybe things would get weird…

Final result:
2.1 Mojave 66% poss het TriStripe

And 0.1 TriStripe Mojave

You would think I would be happy… Be careful what you wish for… Remember the monkey’s paw…

She has a pronounced kink in her neck

Really not what I needed today. :pensive:


That’s tough break for sure!

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I had the same… except mine is kinked right near where the follicles would grow eventually. 0.1 black magic albino 66% het pied.

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I am sorry, I wish it would have worked out for you.

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