Last clutch of the year, possible worlds first in it!

Here’s my russo het clown girl on her eggs this morning. She was bred to a pastel leopard clown, and laid 9 nice eggs! Does anybody know if the leopard russo clown has been made yet? I cant find any of them online, and am pretty giddy at the thought of a world first in one of those eggs. Thanks for any insight!


I don’t believe they have. From the breeders and keepers I know, none exist.
But a lot of big breeders don’t always register or show what they have made.
And if you hit a pastel leopard russo clown, I’d bet that would be a world first.

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I have actually looked for a russo leopard clown because I wanted to make one myself and as far as I know none have been made. But if the odds are in your favor and you hit on one then definitely share because I’m curious what one will look like!

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i havent seen any, this year we bred our female russo to a male enchi clown. Hoping she goes.