Last one of the year! 🦎

5/5 Lillies from Naruto and Akira! Very happy :black_heart:
Born 01/09/22!


Congratulations on this wonderful baby! And another red one at that :wink:.


I now have 5 too choose from! Going to be the hardest choices ever… They’ll be staying for a while I tell you!

Some already getting red spots too :smirk::black_heart:


Wow! Congrats on those!

On a side note, its interesting how dates are qritten across the pond. Over here, that date would be January 9, 2022.


I always get confused by your dates, I’ve gotten a lot better since being on here I will say! But for the longest time it was hard haha


I still get confused lol

Congrats :partying_face: I’m so envious

Is this the last baby of the year or just from Naruto this year?


Looks like the last baby. Last egg we have unless anyone surprises us now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Didn’t do much this year as I knew I wanted to keep some back!
So not all girls were bred and some only had a couple clutches :black_heart:


Yeah, I started off low this year as I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and with the cost of bills rising I’m not sure how many ppl will be buying reptiles ATM.

You’ve had some amazing babies this year!


Exactly! Another issue atm too :woman_facepalming:t2:

Thankyou! I’m very happy, I hatched exactly what I wanted :black_heart:

How are yours? :black_heart:


Personally I am trying to buy now because I know that prices will be down because people will be buying less. But I am trying to grow a collection, so that is a special case.


You’ve had beautiful babies this season and this one wraps it up well. Congratulations!

This is a real thing, no doubt. I’m not about to argue otherwise, money matters and people should be comfortable with a long term commitment to proper care before adding any animal to their household. My hubby always points out to people that reptiles are actually a very economical pet to keep once they’re set up, and most common species are at least as easy to care for as a dog or cat.


People think I’m crazy when I say all our reptiles combined are easier to care for than a dog! But it is honestly true and prior to high bills they were also significantly cheaper, I can’t comment now though, time will tell.

But my geckos are in bio-active enclosures and the plants are great to have around.

Hubby is focusing on only pied ball pythons this coming season as they are his fav and what he wants to focus on so they will likely all be keepers.

Next year I’m torn between 2 or 1 gecko pairings.

I know some ppl are still buying. But I want to make sure I have minimal sales as I want to lower the chance of them not being cared for properly.

My 4 baby geckos are really doing well And I have some more still to hatch :crossed_fingers:


So pretty @ghoulishcresties and congratulations!


So… It’s a frog bum.
Story Time:
This little bugger escaped. I went to get it out on the 4th and noticed it was missing. At 3 days old! Spent all evening looking for it and nothing.
Spent all day yesterday also. Got to evening and still looking, Then the oh saw a head popping out behind Dante’s viv! The little one was stuck in a web, had thrown its tail obviously with being stuck it was scared and was almost eaten by a massive spider that was in the web too! :woman_facepalming:t2:

But it’s back, it’s safe. It wasn’t eaten and it’s alive. I can stop stressing now… It just wanted to go on an adventure…


Wow, that baby’s sooo lucky to have been spotted by a human. It could really tell some scary stories around the campfire now.

Looks like it’s got more than a little spunk :wink:

Do you know how it escaped?

Honestly not a clue.
It was put into a different tub just until a few cresties go and I swear I put the lid on and it clicked… But maybe I didn’t?..
the night before I fed and saw it, next day gone :woman_facepalming:t2:

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