Last year's babies vs. this year's babies!

Decided I’d have some fun today and take all of the babies out for some pictures to share with everyone (not at all over due, nope), now that this newest lot are all eating and settled and looking amazing. :blush: Of course, as the rule tends to go, one of the older ones just had to be in shed today, but oh well! lol They still look good in my book.

There was also a fair amount of sass involved in taking these pictures. The dramatics, I swear. At least it was only from one. I’ll leave you guys to guess which one… :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Also, the pairings for these two clutches were:

Spider Clown (male) x Lemonblast - Hatched 9/10/20 (There were 7 eggs in this clutch originally. The pinstripe that hatched went to a former coworker, but there was a spider and I believe another lemonblast that sadly didn’t develop properly.)

& Spider Clown x Ultramel - Hatched 6/29/21 (3 of the 4 hatched, the 4th went rotten around day 29)

Bonus pics of the parents:


Two beautiful clutches! So happy to see someone happy with their hatchlings!

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Thank you! And yeah, it was definitely a treat when each clutch started hatching. I thought last year’s was going to drive me nuts though! I did maternal incubation and they didn’t hatch until day 77!

At least this year’s was much more reasonable time wise, though it made me no less antsy toward the end. lol

I can’t find any from when they were pipping, but this is when they came out: