Latest clutch 2022

The pairing was Cinnamon Pastel Clown to Spotnose Yellowbelly poshetClown. Sally gave us 6 healthy eggs and no slugs for her very first clutch.

All the eggs made it after 58 days at 87.5F giving us six big healthy babies. We slit the eggs at 58 days after two pips, babies were returned to the incubator to make their own way out.

Unfortunately, we did not get any visual Clowns so Sally remains a possible het for now. We’ll give her another chance next season. On the other hand, we did get one “kitchen sink” and 2 missing only one gene. And every one was a different gene set, so great variety!

The babies have now shed out, eaten their first meal (live ASF fuzzy) and, after they poop, we will transition them to f/t rat. All our babies are reliable f/t rat eaters before we sell them.

Now for the photo deluge:

Mom and Dad (its blurry, she wasn’t happy being disturbed).

Mom on eggs

Cuddle puddle!

Fashion show time! None of these are sexed yet.
First up, the “kitchen sink”
Cinnamon Pastel Spotnose Yellowbelly het Clown

Cinnamon Pastel Spotnose het Clown

Pastel Spotnose Yellowbelly het Clown
So bright! And spicy!

Cinnamon Yellowbelly het Clown
Honestly, my favorite, the pics just don’t do the burnt orange color justice!

Pastel het Clown
Great pattern.

And last but not least our lone wild type het Clown, displaying a great example of the het Clown influence.

These guys need a few more f/t meals and to be sexed, and then they’ll be available on MM. We’re not holding any of these back, since we’re keeping the parents and none of these are visuals, though they are all 100% het. Fun clutch though!

All photos are under a mix of led and indirect sun, no filters or alterations except for size and text.