Leo Morph ID help

Hello, I’m sure many people get tired of these posts. But I decided to get out of Leos and wanted to get second opinions on some of these babies before listing them.

All are from male Firewater x female mack snow het. rainwater.

I think I’m going to stick to balls from now on. I hate trying to figure out the morph and risk mis-selling something.

Giving this a lil bump for you!
I don’t breed Leo’s so unable to tell you but there’s quite a few who can help on here! :blush:

Welcome to the forum! Consider making a post in ‘Introductions’ and showing us your snakes. Most of the people on here are BP keepers so you’re in luck.

You can’t ID a single-copy Mack Snow after it’s shed a few times. So all you can say is that you have several Rainwater Albinos that might be Mack Snow or not, and one leo that is confirmed het for Rainwater that might be a Mack Snow.

Make sure you put the pairing in the ads for each & make it clear that you aren’t familiar enough with leopard gecko morphs to reliably ID them yourself, and then you shouldn’t have any problems. No one can complain if you are forthright about being out of your element and not sure of what you have.

But yeah you’re totally right, ID request posts aren’t anyone’s fave.

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Awesome, I really appreciate it. That’s kinda what I planned on listing them as. I enoyed leos and all but I just could never fully grasp identifying the genetics. Too many polygenics for me lol.

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