Leo Morph Identifying Help!

Hello! I’m somewhat new to the world of Leo genetics and I’m trying to figure out what my male, Equinox, might possibly have hiding in his genetics. The breeder I bought him from mislabeled him and I never got a secure answer on what he is. So, I was wondering if any of you could lend some thought on what you might see in his morphs. And what traits might pop up in his offspring.

Here’s what I KNOW-

  1. He’s Pos. Het Albino (Tremper) + Pos. Het Eclipse.
    I THINK he is also-
  2. A tangerine (because the only classification that a gecko is tangerine is if they are orange, right?)
  3. He’s a carrot head? I understand that carrot heads are not genetic, but are simply orange markings on the head. Am I right to classify him as such?

Thank you so much for all of your help and knowledge. I am looking forward to learning from all of you!

A picture of Equinox:


I don’t know very much about carrot head so I can’t say about that but to me it looks like a tangerine W&Y with possibly some sort of albino in it. I am not great with leopard gecko morphs but that is what it looks like to me


He is a cutie!

Read this:

After more pics I’ll try my best at a visual morph ID. Since you are unsure of genetics he shouldn’t be bred, no need to worry about what offspring he’d produce.


I’m pretty sure, after doing some research, that the carrot head are orange markings created by Ron Tremper. Since I cannot prove his lineage is from Ron, I will decide not to describe him as such.

As for W&Y- I did consider that but it doesn’t quite look like the other tangerine W&Y I have seen. And it just doesn’t quuuiiite look like it.

And Albino, the black dot on his back means that he does not have visual albinism that is blocking black pigment. So, no albinism. And no red eyes on him either.

Lastly, his breeder classified him as: Tangerine pos. het albino (Tremper) and pos. het eclipse. So, I’m going to keep this classification as he was sold to me as. But- I do still believe he’s hiding something else. Perhaps a polygenic trait, but since he wasn’t listed as such, I won’t classify him as such. But I still figured I’d check with the community. I really enjoy learning and discovering gecko morphs, so this has been a lot of fun for me!

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