Leopard Gecko egg dents

So I have a clutch that is fertile. They were laid a month ago. After 4 weeks and their sex was determined I put them in warmer (87 degrees) conditions. They are in perlite (.8 part water / 1 part perlite) in a sealed container. I open them every day. The past 2 days I’ve checked them they’ve had dents but I’ll pull them out to open them and within 5 minutes after getting air and sitting in room temp they swell back up… what am I doing wrong? What can I do better? Why is this happening? I’ve candles them multiple times and there is consistent growth.

Thank you for replying to my previous questions

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“If you see dents occurring in leopard gecko eggs during incubation, then your medium is too dry. If that happens, spray the inner sides of the egg container — not the eggs directly — four or fives times. Incubation temperature determines a leopard gecko’s sex. If eggs are incubated at 80 degrees, then 100 percent of the hatchlings will be female. At temperatures around 87 degrees you basically get an equal number of male and female leopard geckos. At 90 degrees 98 percent of the hatchlings will be male. Temperature conditions below 74 degrees can be lethal.” - The Reptile Magazine