Leopard gecko id

need help identifying so i can breed him to my females!



Without some pairing info it is going to be near impossible to get the exact answer your looking for.



dang thats ok. the guy said he makes awesome babies . i can see if he knows the parents. this gecko kind of reminds me of the bandit morph but not too much.


Without knowing the genetic background of your male, any babies he produces will all be Pet Only quality, as you don’t know if he has any hets.

On a serious note, he is not in any shape to breed. He’s dehydrated and underweight, and breeding will only contribute to more weight loss. If you got him in this condition I think a vet visit to a knowledgeable reptile vet is in order to rule out illness, including parasites.

Going with his phenotype description, he’s what I would consider a Normal.


yeahh hes v malnourished. previous owner said it was from cooling.

He’s a normal and shouldn’t be bred. He is severely underweight and dehydrated and needs to see a specialist reptile vet. The seller doesn’t sound honest so he shouldn’t be bred and he needs a lot of good care to get him back to health. Cooling shouldn’t cause that unless cooling means turning off the heat and ignoring them (without giving them water, monitoring the temperatures, or monitoring the gecko).


hes doing good rn! getting a variety of foods. he weighed about 54g on sunday.