Leopard ID help

A friend is wondering about this bab,
Dad is a Mack Tremper albino and is pictured below as well as bab! :grin:
@mblaney @erie-herps :black_heart:


Is there a picture for mom and a picture of the baby’s eyes?

Dad is definitely an albino, the baby looks more like a het albino to me. Which would mean mom is not what she was sold as. Or she’s a different Albino type from dad.
For the baby…For me, too yellow to be snow unless it really is a low expression. The albino on baby is a bit of a mystery at the moment.

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Corrected this.
That’s dad, he’s a Mack snow Tremper.
The mum is a white and yellow OR a reverse stripe the breeder thinks…


With so little background info and at such a young age, all I can tell you is that its pattern is Banded and it’s not an Albino. Definitely Pet Only, but still adorable and with a handsome dad!