Let me pick your brain

I have an all white snake with black eyes and a slight blackish spottin on head.

Is it an ivory or a white wedding, or…??

Any way i can tell?


Where did you get the snake? Without previous information it’s impossible to tell without test breeding.

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Super fires have black eyes too. Throw a UV light on that sucker and see if there’s any hidden pattern, sometimes that helps.


I got it from a reptile peddler that sold it as a female feom a retile show. Ive learned a lot in the last years, since ive had HIM. So i have no idea what he is. He got it from someone else. Im debating on just selling him because i want ghi banana pied project, but if its a white wedding i might keep him… so he needs bred to a normal, n see what happens??

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That bites, sorry you’re dealing with that. Yeah, you can throw him to a normal and see what you get. If he’s a super black-eyed lucy in the ivory or fire complex you should get all yellowbellies or fires. If he’s a pied combo, you’ll get normals and whatever gene is at play there. There are a lot of combos that make all-white pieds. Even some lesser pieds will be all white, and because they’re not super lessers they’ll have dark eyes too.

At least he’s big enough to breed. The price point is a bit different (a couple hundred bucks or so) between super black-eyed gene males and pied males, it would be nice to know what he really is.

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That my pain. I dont want to let him got for $200 when hes worth $700. He wont be big enough til next year. He just now big enough for hopper rats. But i want to make room for what I want… n hate the idea of having to prove it out… what a pain…

Could also be a champagne combo

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You get het pieds

They could always get a het pied/pied female to pair him with, that way if he proves out to not be a pied then at least they have combos that will be in demand.

But thennif hes a super id get single gene of the super, correct?

If it’s a bel say a super lesser all offspring would carry the lesser gene. Same thing for super fire all offspring would carry the fire gene.

He has black eyes… pretty snake, just dont want a mystery snake

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Dang, now that I see that head I’m really leaning towards a champagne combo. I’ve produced quite a few champagne combos and they have that pearlescent look to their head scales. Does he wobble at all, especially when excited? This is the problem with white snakes, gonna have to breed him out and see what you get, unfortunately. :frowning:

Yaa… i dont know what to do. I might just sell him as a pet. Too much monkeying around. If i knew a year ago what i know now

That’s definitely a champagne