Let's see how your babies change!

Hey guys, just wanted to see people share some of their favorite “transformations” from hatchling to adults are!

My personal favorite is my Stinger Bee, Uldren. He was a snappy little guy when I got him, and he has stayed pretty vibrant in color. These pictures are roughly 1 year apart!

He was just taken out of the shipping box and bag in this picture, roughly 180g.

Here he is at 795g a year later. I did have some troubles getting him to eat the first few months I had him due to his wobble of excitement in feeding time, but once I figured out how to help him get the head first strike all has been golden since then! He’s my garbage disposal!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s favorites!


Clown gene designer combo, over a few months. This is why I refer to the gene as a “cleaner morph”. The bottom pic is our 2018 Cinny Pinstripe Clown after his 2nd shed & the top photo is him at just over 6 months. See how much lighter he is?

The great news is Clown gene, even het Clowns will be crisp and bright. Clown protects against brownout that you can see in many other morphs, BUT this tendency can also take, IMHO a bit more contrast out in the colour profile that you might be aiming for. Keep this in mind when selecting your pairs and projects. Use deeper colour and higher contrast animals/lines whenever possible. :wink:

Just a tip from me to you all… :wink:


In all the years and all the animals the most dramatic transformation is this

Hypo Coral Glow Lesser Leopard from post shed to 3 years old


Wow, that is an amazing transformation! He’s a stunning animal, I’m watching mine grow and the difference is interesting. I always thought it would be cool to see how hatchlings look as adults since all you every see really is hatchlings on sites.


It really does clean it up, I really like Pinstripe Clowns and Spider Clowns, they look really sharp!

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Coral bee as a baby and as a 1274 gram adult.

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1st is hatchling 2nd is 900 grams. Leopard coralglow clown. Same snake

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Both of those are amazing!