Let's see them Spiders

A lot of hate goes towards these guys for obvious reasons, so let’s show some love to the ones yous have in your collections.

Single genes, combos… What ever Spider morphs you have.


When I first thought about getting pet snakes I swore I’d never get a spider ball. Low and behold what do I have in my growing collection months later? My majestic spider combo girl…

She is slamming food left and right, growing quickly! Little to no wobble even when eating or handling.


Just out of curiosity why did they decide to call the morph “spider” to begin with. I always wondered and even after looking at pics of them trying to see the logic in the pattern of the snake I still failed to understand the reasoning behind the name.

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I have quite a few, they’re all awesome feeders and only two of them display any sort of noticeable wobble.

1.0 butter spinner

1.0 albino spider

1.0 vpi axanthic spider

0.1 spider


I wonder this about pretty much every morph.

My guess, as I can find no answer on the internet, would be from the first Spider being “balled up” and the horizontal stripes looked like spider legs… This is just a guess though.

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If I remember correctly, NERD called it spider because the stripes reminded him of spider webbing. He also originally called it the spider web gene but it got shortened to just spider. This either came from the rant/information video he put out a little bit ago or some wild dream I had, I’ll try to find that video!

Around the 1:18 mark Brian Barycz says the name came from Kevin as the spider web shortened to spider


While I have not work with Spiders in 6 years here are some of the animals I produced.


These babies were Lesser/Butter X Calibee Spotnose het OG:

(Need more current photos, haha.) Here’s papa:

And of course, the lovely Spinnerblast Mystic Potion:


My fire sugar bumblebee I produced earlier this year!


Absolutely beautiful.

Do you have pics of the spider parents?

This leopard spider boy is the only one I have right now:

And here are a few of last year’s babies:


Thats funny because at one point while looking at a pic of one I imagined a random strand of webbing randomly draped across the snake.

Such pretty snakeys :heart_eyes:. I wish the wobble genetic bs thing wasnt a thing though because its a cute paintjob on the snake.

The owner of NERD thought the pattern resembled a spider web like pattern, he also imported the first one and all the spiders came from this one individual he imported. I believe it was in the mid to late 90’s when the morph was discovered if memory serves me right. They went for thousands of dollars back in the day. Still a awesome morph all these years later!

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Do you see yourself jumping back into spider?

I do not, over the years I learned to focus more (when I first started I was too spread out and did not really accomplished much of anything), so 6 years ago I decided to focus on some hypo, pied and clown combos, last year I decided to re-focus again and narrowed it down to Pied combos only which is the 5 years goal.

Nowadays with the bash spider movement getting back into spider would simply be a bad move, I know breeders who still work with spiders and they are harder to sell. Ultimately while I breed for.myself first and foremost I do need to be able to sell what I don’t keep.


.1 killerbee fire with her mom a bumblebee

  1. Spied son of my spider het pied

    Mom of spied actually getting ready to lay his egg in this pic 3 years ago :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Blackhead spider enchi red gene


blackhead spider lesser enchi red ringer gene