Let's see those aztec boas

I currently have 2 aztec boas. Both are females; one is 100% het for anery and the other is 66% possible het for anery. The plan is to pair them with my Male ghost boa when they’re ready to create some hytecs, ghost Aztecs, and other assorted goodies. In the mean time show me some of your aztecs


Wow love them! :heart_eyes: Aztecs are one of my favourite pattern morphs. Good luck with your projects, sounds amazing :heart_eyes::crossed_fingers:

My girl after a meal :heart:


That third picture looks straight out of Skyrim, absolutely beautiful.

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She’s gorgeous! :heart::heart:

very beautiful! This is my boy Moctezuma (aka Red) which is Pastel Hypo Jungle Aztec 100% Het Sharp. Got some big plans for him for sure! Good luck brutha!


@rosieboas I love the red in this ones saddles