Lighting struck me, time to buy a lottery ticket

This is two part post. Back story, we are working on producing a fire leopard orange dream combo. We have wanted one since we got into this. So I bought all the ingredients raised them up and I had my first clutch to start this project. Whelp. When I bought my orange dream pair ( we want a super orange dream to increase the chances of getting the 3 gene) the ad didn’t say they were het for anything. So I didn’t expect to get anything extra. Well I cut the egg, and my first reaction was WTF. I got an orange dream clown. We don’t know if it’s super it needs to shed but it’s pretty.

Update on Hope. She isn’t a normal, I knew it. But she isn’t fire either. Stitch ( mom) retained sperm from the 2018/19 season. That year I bred her to an enchi yellowbelly (RIP) he died not long after. Hope is a yellowbelly. My friend is experienced with the gene and identifying morphs. I didn’t know they could retain sperm that long and certainly didn’t know they could retain it after laying either. In 2019 she had 11 healthy eggs. It explains why I had so many bad eggs this time.


interesting… I have never heard of them retaining after laying either.

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It’s the only way possible. The enchi yellowbelly I bred her to in 2018/19 season died before that clutch hatched. This time she was only bred to a banana. Hope is my only yellowbelly I have now. The banana is just a banana nothing else. I am 200% sure on that. It’s interesting.

They can retain sperm for a up to a few years based on what’s been seen to this point in the hobby.

I just had a retained split clutch where some babies were from this years pairing and some from a male paired before she laid in 2020 who also was not the father of the 2020 clutch.


Reminds me of this news story


That was parthenogenesis, not sperm retention. Different biological process. The longest recorded sperm retention is in Western and Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes and it’s only 6 years. The longest in ball pythons is 2 or 3 I can’t recall which.