Link to Morph Calculator Bug [1645]

As some of you might see I just tried to drop a link to the MorphMarket calculator using pastel and het clown, but for some reason when you click on the link it takes you to the MorphMarket calculator but it says it cannot process het. So it just breeds a pastel clown to a pastel clown. Here is the link so you can go there directly

And here’s a photo of what it should look like


Thank you Riley.

Just to test this for myself…

Edit: :man_shrugging: I’ll get it looked at.

Thank you

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The link I created worked fine, until we paste it into the forum. The forum is doing something to the encoding.

It has something to do with the encoding of the spaces, which in your URL become pluses.


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You right!!

It removes the percentages from the link.

Likely something a code edit will fix… Let’s see :crossed_fingers:

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It might help to put it inside of a link, that’s helped with searching in the marketplace before and that might work with this.
It seems like it works.


This is why we love you Erie :metal: