List of Q’s on morphs for ball pythons

I hear in all the big breeders videos saw that they see Q’s for this morph and this morph but never explain what they are seeing or how the tell. I know that many years of breeding might give some information, but sometimes the way some talk about it sounds like fact. So what are some?

Cues for different morphs are entirely dependent on the morph you’re asking about, as each morph has a unique combination of cues. Generally, some of the things people look for are specific color changes, specific pattern changes, headstamps, flaming, blushing, eye color, and lots of other things. In terms of determining what to look for in certain morphs, you’ll have to just study visual morphs and recognize those independent cues in different animals. Most breeders know what they’re looking for because they work with those animals and are very accustomed to morph cues. As a new learner, the best thing you can do is study the general cues themselves (know what blushing means, what flaming means, what headstamps pair with which morphs, etc.) and after that it’s really just practice. The more you do it, the easier you’ll be able to identify them.

There are some good genetic education FB groups I’m in that have some good resources. Some breeders may also have resources about morph patterns on their websites - you just have to search for them. I believe there’s also someone here compiling a morph encyclopedia, but I am on my mobile and can’t easily find that link for you. If anyone else has it, please share?

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It’s not quite finished yet but we have been working on the Morph Encyclopedia (In Progress) Part 2 that may help you out.