List of reptiles y'all plan to keep in the future

What is a definitive list of reptiles you not just want to keep in the future, but have hard plans to keep? I’ve been working on my list for about a month, I’ve been trying to keep it relatively small. The list may downsize in the future.


  1. Woma python
  2. Blackhead python
  3. Kimberley rock monitor
  4. Ackie monitor
  5. Pilbara rock monitor
  6. Eastern blue tongue
  7. Egernia depressa
  8. Egernia striolata
  9. Egernia epsisolus
  10. Childrens python
  11. Jungle carpet python
  12. Green tree python
  13. Rough scaled python
  14. Diamond python
  15. False water cobra
  16. Emerald tree skink
  17. Bamboo rat snake
  18. Angolan python
  19. Pink tongue skink


  1. Whites tree frog
  2. Red eyed tree frog
  3. Milk frog
  4. Australian red eyed tree frog

Smaller Reptiles:

  1. Northern spiny tailed gecko
  2. Western shield tailed gecko
  3. Golden tailed gecko
  4. Rough knob tailed gecko


  1. Western blue tongue
  2. Centralian blue tongue
  3. Blotched blue tongue
  4. Gidgee skink
  5. Tokay gecko

For sure Ackie and FWC for me


A big room of colubrides

Several more cresties

And then a huge long list of invertebrates!!


For a possibility for the next five years it’s:
Ackie Monitors
Dwarf Monitors
Red-eyed Crocodile Skinks
Day Gecko Species
Tokay Geckos
Egyptian Tortoise (or other species that stays small)
Dart Frog Species
Kenyan Sand Boa
Cape African House Snake
Western Hognose
Tri-Color Hognose
Other Colubrids


Angolan pythons, Kenyan sand boas ( already have one but plan to get more), magrove snakes, GTPs, ETBs, bamboo ratsnakes, but all these would be in a few years


My list will take a little bit to write so I’ll be posting it later. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have the green tree python on my list here, but would you say a captive bred etb would be better? I’m talking purely care wise. Space and price are not factors here.


Here is my list:



Green tree monitor
Black tail cribo
Argentine Tegu
Monkey tailed skink


Reptiles in no particular order
1.Woma python
3. Either local blue tounge
4.crested geckos
5.Argentine black and white tegu tree python
7. Emerald tree boa
8.retic (cow in particular)

  1. Dart frog
    2.milk frog

I’m sure I’ll add to this later but for now this is all I can think off

  1. Many boas (very soon: ?.? :joy: )
  2. Retics (not soon soon but within sight: 0.1)
  3. Children’s pythons (soon lol: 1.1 if not 1.2)
  4. Olive pythons possibly very soon: 0.1 or 1.1)
  5. House snakes (very soon :crossed_fingers:: 1.1)

Within next 5 years or so


(Starred species are what I already have)

Kenyan Sand Boa*
Blood Python*
Some sort of BC
Sumatran Short-tail
Woma python

There are quite a few other species I’d like to have at some point down the road, but those are my main priorities that I’d like to get within the next couple years or so. Space is limited, so I’ll have to see what I have space for once I get those.


Talk about it, I keep boa constrictors and trying to keep some olive pythons lol :joy:


Yeah, olive pythons are one of those species I’d love to keep but will probably never have the space for.

After I get the species I listed, I might have to limit myself to smaller species…which sucks, because with the exception of hognoses, most of the species that really interest me are in the medium to large size range. Although I dunno, I’m ready good at Tetris, so maybe I can find a way to accommodate some larger enclosures. I’m thinking racks and stackable enclosures will become my best friends, haha. I also find myself wondering if I really need a sofa and a dining table. :thinking:


I had the exact same dilemma and I ended up becoming a dedicated hognose snake breeder, and I’m pretty happy with the path I took, so I maybe you could do the same thing that I did. Really depends on how you feel though and if that sounds like something you would want to do. I’m just sharing my experience.


Honestly, I’m not all that interested in breeding. I might change my mind about that at some point, but what really appeals to me right now is just to be able to keep a variety of different species that I find especially beautiful and/or fascinating, rather than collecting and breeding a single species. I could see myself eventually producing the odd clutch here and there if I find a species I’m especially passionate about, but I don’t really see breeding ever being a primary focus for me. But who knows, maybe my feelings on that will change in the future. :person_shrugging:

In the mean time, I do have most of a living room I can fill with snakes. :grin:

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I kind of want a Blue Eyed Lucy Ball Python.
Now isn’t the right time, but someday. Such a friendly beautiful snake. Nothing wild, I know, but they’re so lovely.


So…I’m thinking that I need to add a super dwarf retic to my must-have list. The more I read and learn about them, the more I feel like my life will be incomplete without at least one.

The existence of super dwarfs was a dangerous discovery for me. I’ve always loved retics, but as long as they were these 20-foot (or at least 15±foot) giants, they were pretty much off-limits to me as something I could realistically keep myself. Now that I know you can get the same awesome, gorgeous snake in a smaller package…I NEEDS IT!


They are amazing animals. Great temperaments in the ones I got to handle, and incredible color and patterns.
(just watch out for that bulge around the tail-vent-- the amount of, ahem, liquid they tend to unload all at once is also amazing! …Ask me how I know.)


Well, I have a blood python currently, and they’re pretty infamous for the amount of liquid urine they let loose. :rofl: