Live ASF in SoCal

Does anyone happen to know a breeder in SoCal that keeps live ASF? I have a particularly stubborn snek that I’m trying to get back on food, and I’d like to try some if I can find’em :slight_smile:

Last I checked ASFs are illegal in California


Yep, they are illegal in California. So unless you want to illegally smuggle them in from out of state, you won’t be able to get any. How long has the animal in question been off of food, and what have you tried so far?


Can confirm that they are illegal, had someone demand a 50% discount on an animal I had listed because it was an ASF-feeder and they lived in CA (needless to say, I refused to make that sale).

An alternative that seems to work for many ASF preferring animals is hamsters. You can get them frozen from a couple of the big suppliers. Might want to give that a try

But also, given the time of year, it might not hurt to just run a down temp, no feed cycle for the next three months and then try again come spring. Balls are know to go off feed during the winter


Ah I had no idea California was so tough on invasive mammals (RIP hedgehogs). She’s been off food for the better part of a year already (choosing lower temp hides), and while she still has enough muscle and energy to feel ‘healthy,’ she’s pretty darn thin and I don’t want to push it. Tried frozen + live rats and mice, changing environmental conditions across a bunch of dimensions (dirt/husk substrates, tank/rack, paired/solo, temps, hides, etc.)…just about everything I can think of short of ASFs or assisting. I’ll give hamsters a try. Thanks!

This is going to sound stupid, but it does occasionally work and it never hurts to try. Bag her up, and take her with you on a short road trip or just drive around for at least half hour or so. If you want to up the ante a little bit, put her in a different set up when you bring her home.

This is one of the old hat tricks that always gets people looking at you funny. I have had about 60% success with it


Maybe look into DaVinci Boa supplement. It has boa in the name but I’ve heard of several (including mutation creation) giving it to ball pythons with great success. There are a few videos floating around about it.

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A friend of mine shared it with me, after he got me trade him a fussy eater of mine that he wanted :joy:

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