Loki's Morph?!

Hello this is Loki when I got Loki i did not get the morph and everytime i go to find out the person is unavailable. Can anyone help me try and maybe figure out what Loki morph could be! Loki is undergoing a shed!

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I can’t help with morph but from these pics it’s gonna be really hard to tell so I would recommend some better ones in the second pic she looks like she could be dehydrated too her skin is supper wrinkly all though I’m not and expert so I would seek some other advice just the things I noticed

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Dehydrated or not enough humidity or both. Ive had mine get like that a couple times even with plenty of water, raising humidity or giving them a warm soak always fixes it for me.

Edit just to say i dont know for morph. Its lighter than im used to, but could just be a light normal, though it looks like some flaming up the sides, so possibly het for something? Youd need to know the pairing.


This is the third shed for Loki since i got her but its the only one that has been tough for her but we mist tank when it is needed and bath all our reptiles! Just got her insurance inplace and active so can do a health check!!

I dont think a vet visit is needed, id just put her in a luke warm bath in a container with a lid with air holes. Fill it halfway up her body and put the lid on. Leave for 30 minutes in a place you can monitor. Itll loosen her shed, and if shes thirsty, she will have plenty to drink :slight_smile:

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Update on loki thanks for advice she doing much better and all that old shed is off and she looks like she feeling better


Now thats a great looking snake! She looks so much better :slight_smile:


Yes so much better looking now. Just goes to show how good care can affect colour and vigour.

Also a belated welcome to the community, has fun :slight_smile:

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