"Long Tailed Female" in hognoses

I bought a pair of hognoses as tiny hatchlings as a pet project, the one we were told was the female has grown much faster and larger than the male but the tail just says male to me, i love the snake anyway even if i have two males, have a probe kit on the way, but figured i would get some opinions, could she be what ive heard termed “long tailed female”? What do you think?..Male? Female?

Both pictures are of the same “female”…

I would say male, but don’t take my word for it.

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Thanks, kinda what I was thinking as well, looks like i will be looking out for a female…

If you’re familiar and confident with probing, I’d suggest that before springing for another one. Unless you just need a reason to get another one? Because… you never need a reason to get another hognose :rofl:

I had a few hognoses sold to me as female, but they looked like this

I was so certain the breeder had missexed them, until I probed. Talk about long tailed females!


Oh wow, I definitely wouldn’t think that was a female’s tail. Good thing probes were invented, just probed an 8-year bci that was thought to be a female all those years.


I dont know what you mean by that.

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