Looks like we are about to have are 1st prelay shed of 2022!😁

albino anaconda x anaconda het albino


Congratulations, but I thought western hognoses didnt lay eggs at this time of year, my corn snakes are still in brumation for another two months and I am thinking of getting a pair of hognoses in the future and breeding them the same. What breeding schedule do you follow?

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Holy smokes she’s huge! How much of that do you think is egg weight?


Thank you!! We actually do not brumat, they actually start building befor i even pair them. we keep are reptile room at 80-84f, sometimes in the middle summer it will hit 86f.but they seem to kinda follow our ball python breeding schedule. they normally start to get ready in November. i would say 100-150g is eggs, she was right at 800g last time i weighted her and that was right when i noticed she was building.

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