Losing Passion/Overwhelmed?

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Nothing to update on, really.

I still have four males, two adults and two babies. Two are “rehoming fee” range and two are at the “selling” point (in my area, anyway). Can anyone tell me if I’ve over priced them? I don’t feel like I have, as I would be happy with the prices if I was looking to get one.
I’ve never shipped before and with winter just about here I’d be very nervous to do so…but I should I?

  1. Male mack snow albino, 2 years old. I’m rehoming him with his entire setup including the 20 gallon long, heat mat, etc. at $125 obo.

  2. Male bold stripe, 1 year old. He’s high quality, gorgeous, and I bought him for $200+ (I know I won’t get back near what I’ve spent) so I’m asking $300 obo with his entire setup.

  3. Male mack super snow 50% pos het albino, no setup, $50

  4. Male mack snow bold stripe lavender 50% pos het albino. $250 obo. I’m not quite sure how much he’s worth, but there’s only one similar to him on this site at $240. Maybe I should lower it a bit?

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Hi nubs. I don’t work with this species so I can’t offer good feedback about your prices. Let’s see if we can call on some people who may be able to help with that. What do you think, @mblaney, @armiyana, @trnreptiles? I know your expertise shows up in the leo community section here. Are you comfortable giving feedback on this ?


Thankies for the tag @caryl ! I appreciate the thought too!

I have been a bit out of the pricing and such lately… Especially with inflation and such making a mess of things. But can still give a bit of advice!

Honestly, I think the rehoming prices are pretty solid for a local sale with habitats included. Even the price on the super snow without supplies is pretty competitive to some shops I’ve seen near my area.

As for you last little man, I would consider listing him at a similar price of he looks similar enough, or check the sold listings as well to see which ones have already gone. If you are looking to rehome him sooner than later, then consider lowering it a tad.

Sales are going to be a little hit or miss this time of year, but you have an edge with the first two since coming in with all the supplies is great. No mistakes being made with not getting the right heating elements and such. Easy one and done.

For shipping, if it’s not too cold where you are/where he’s going then it would be fine this week I think… Otherwise I would avoid the holiday crunch after that and wait it out until January or warmer weather. Too many delay risks and such.

That’s at least my two cents on things. Hopefully someone else will pop in and give some more thoughts.


The whole industry is seeing a slow down right now. With the global recession going on, people have been pulling back on buying non-necessity items. So prices that you feel are “right” are probably based on what was right for the previous couple years. I suspect we will see a little bit of a pricing correction happen across the industry here in the coming months


I only keep one single leopard gecko, while I’m looking into buying more for breeding in the future, I unfortunately wouldn’t know pricing at all. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@caryl & @nubs - I have to see pics of each gecko to give feedback, price is very dependent on appearance in leos, except for newly-discovered morphs. But as @t_h_wyman said, prices are dropping very rapidly (for pets in general as well) and I don’t really think they’ll go back up.

Without seeing them, the prices you said aren’t out of the question. While I generally have no interest in buying an enclosure along with an animal, many people looking for a pet would be. But I think it’s more common on sites like kajiji (I think I spelled that right) and craigslist. I think the quality of the enclosures will determine whether or not they add value to the sale of the geckos. If you are selling with enclosures, make sure you both write out every item included and take pictures.

If you’re on craigslist, you are less likely to find someone willing to pay more than $100 for a leo, regardless of how fancy. People looking for high end animals don’t look on craigslist, but the folks who aren’t particular about morph or genetics are often there looking for pets. For selling a pet, try and take at least one ‘cute’ pic of the animal(s).


I lowered my prices by quite a bit a few days ago and still no interest…at this point I’d call them darn good finds! Maybe it’s the Christmas season?

No other updates, but wanted to keep you lovely people up to speed incase you were curious.


Christmas plus global economic recession plus winter being a terrible time to ship are all likely playing a part.


During winter months I always limit my searches to my state so that I can go pick up any new critters.


I think a lot of people do what David does. I know I personally don’t do much looking now as a buyer. I’d almost hate to find my next Goldilocks and have to wait ages to ship, and some people don’t want to hold them for months. As a seller, I don’t mind holding animals until shipping is safe, even when it’s weeks. But a lot of buyers just stop looking at this season.

Keep hanging in there, @nubs.


Wow! Talk about reassurance and understanding! This is your “go to” read! That’s what I absolutely cherish about this place. The caring and love that flows through the veins of this community……. Well said! :+1:


What a cutie! :heart::+1::lizard:


Also most adorable! :heart::lizard::+1:


I know this is from a while ago, but I had an idea that might help. You might be able to sell the geckos (maybe not with habitats, it depends) to someone local to resell with better contacts. I would recommend going to an expo and talking to the owner (who can usually tell you who to talk to) to try and find someone interested in buying them from you. A lot of people right now don’t have much to sell, I recently got a lot of 9 geckos from someone (who wanted to get rid of a lot of them) and I bought part of a table from someone to use at an expo I don’t normally vend at. Also, are you shipping them or just selling locally?