Love ❤️ is in the Air: Post your 2022 Breeding 📸!

We’ll get us started :nerd_face:

Dolly and Shebert… snuggle :hugs: buddies!
He’s our Jungle Aztec and she’s an Albino Motley RLT.

Gizmo and Axl… Seems he’s taking the “whispering sweet :two_hearts: nothings” approach. She’s a Hypo Indy (more on the Indy gene to come later) and he’s a Super Raptor. Not sure about the timing for these two so may separate them this season.

Let’s see your lovebirds…!


Ive got a few years before I can post pictures of my FLRT surinames so I’ll settle for yours! Looking forward to seeing some beautiful babies.


Aww thanks @dsed - and do keep those Suri pics coming. Neither Aaron or I can seem to shake that BCC interest … we may be hitting you up a few years down the road… #floridalife :palm_tree::snake::two_hearts:


Im sure we can work something out as you guys have amazing boas!


Agreed!! And ditto!! :metal::sunglasses:

(@dsed in fact I just texted with Aaron; he said to give him a shout if/when you are ready to do some BCI/BCC trades. I’ve seen it said that he structures great deals. Of course no pressure and no rush… we aren’t going anywhere :snake::metal::100:)

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Sounds great. Looking forward to it.

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I wish my boas were big enough to breed lol. But I am grateful for this time so I can build my collection and get more boas lol :joy:.


Sirius in with Rigel is the first pair I have done so far. He’s Sharp possible het anery, she’s Motley paraglow possible jungle poss het anery.


Initially had Gomez my Sonoran Hypo het Leopard in with Simmons my Sonoran het Leopard female but he was not ready so pulled him and put Fitz my male Sonoran het Leopard in with her.


Awesome pairings, @randall_turner_jr! They look fantastic together!

So that would make Sharp Snowglow Motley Jungles and Paradigm Moonglow (we think they are calling them Arctics?) Motley Jungles?

And those pure Sonoran Hypo Leopards will be super pretty! Keep us posted :+1::sunglasses:.


@lumpy lol! It definitely is great to appreciate the “collection building” time: nothing like that initial space to really get to know the :snake::snake:s!

Once they breed, the process is an entirely new animal… quite literally! :two_hearts: Looking forward to seeing your breeding pics up here in no time :sunglasses::metal:

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Since Motley and hypo are on the same allele half will be hypo and half Motley. So there will be Sharp Motley, paradigm Motley, sharp sunglow and paraglow. If they both prove het anery that’ll end up adding about 1/4 of the litter with anery sprinkled in, and if she proves jungle (which I think she will) that’ll be sprinkled through also. Regardless I’m excited to see what she makes. This is Sirius third pairing, he sired my Junglebesque het Sharp litters in 2019 and 2021.

The Sonoran pair had litters for me in 2019 and 2021 also. After they’ve been together for a while I’ll pull the male and see if the Hypo boy is up to the task.

Soon as my leopard boy is done digesting his last meal I’ll be putting him in with Jasmin my Junglebesque girl that had the 2019 and 2021 litters.

Other than those 3 I’m still on the fence whether to pair my KRP Arabesque het Kahl with my Motley albino or wait. She’s a 2016, so plenty old enough, but she’s only about 5’.


Awesome. Thank you for the clarification. Lots of very cool stuff going on there!

We’ll be looking forward to seeing results of all of the above. Those Leopards are something special for sure :sunglasses:.

Same here with pulling one of our boys: he’s a proven breeder and she is a good maturity but she wasn’t quite ready this year. It is definitely interesting to see the clear difference between a ready and non-ready pairing.

Over here, we have an Anery Motley IMG (our rock star Keanu) in with Hope, our Ghost Aztec Jungle. I am SUPER psyched about that pairing! An amazing two boas there.

And we will be also putting together here in a minute an Anery Key West Possible Jungle with our Inky, a very cool Anery Motley. (Pics to come).

Gotta tell ya, it has been a minute (11 years to be exact!) since we’ve had breeding boas in the house here at VMB. Wow, have we missed this vibe! Nothing like seeing those love knots!

Thanks again for sharing, @randall_turner_jr! Again, pls keep us posted :100:


Unfortunately I dont have any photos of my Sterling x het sterling and my albino ph snow to an anery het snow pairings…

but ive got these two photographed as they are swelling and about to ovulate!

Vpi img hypo aztec x sterling

Sterling x Vpi junglow


I can’t tell what’s sillier to me, the male: female size difference between mature hognoses or between an ovulating boa and her male, look at those thick ladies!
Best of luck with the brood! Boas are live birthers right? Goodness that must be a whole different shock than getting an egg clutch!


@mattcookreptiles those look GREAT! Can’t wait to see what they produce!

Here a few pics of our Shep and Dolly courting… after some time of Shep figuring things out on this, his first year…

And @cmills YESS! I totally agree! When we first started breeding, I COULD NOT believe the size difference of the males and females. I was so worried for our little dudes navigating around those big girls!

Then our Strawberry dropped her first litter in 2008 (these are pics of printouts of pics, so excuse the quality!): seeing those little boa faces pop up and take their first breaths was TRULY an amazing experience!

And perhaps as some of the other boa breeders here can attest, maybe those baby boa faces are a big part what bring us all to breeding (and some of us back to it after such a long break!) It really is magical to experience - and be a part of - the entire :snake::two_hearts: process.


My favorite thing is seeing all their heads scoping into the air when they are first born like they are freshly sprouted plants lol


Agreeeeed! My other favorite thing is when the Mom :snake: immediately starts using her head/nose to nudge through the goo to get the babies moving :two_hearts:.

The first time I saw our Mama do that I was so worried thinking something was wrong until Aaron explained what she was doing :sweat_smile:

So of course we see that it happens after every litter and only then! Gotta love Mother Nature and those mothering instincts on display :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah, breeding boas is cool :sunglasses:


Cant wait to experience this for the first time!


Very cool, thanks for sharing such great information and photo’s