Magpie combo questions

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This is my first topic I’ve posted on this forum and wont be the last! Normally I can find almost anything about, well, anything online but this seems to be a tough one. I just cant find much of anything regarding this combo that was shown in a few very old NERD videos etc and I’m sure it’s due to the non-viable aka lethal genetic combination it presents but I still thought I would ask. I’m sure it has the desert gene in it and maybe malum/spider/bald etc but just wanted to hear if anyone has some stories and or info on those beauties…


I feel like I’ve seen @owalreptiles work with these somewhere and meant to search this up myself. Maybe Matt can help us out.

Edit: I think I’ve found where I’ve linked Matt and the magpie together and if I’m right he just took pictures of it at Tinley years back.

I do not believe it is lethal, it is just a Kevin creation and Kevin like to sit on things and keep them secret… And then time and the hobby moved on and other things caught Kevin’s interest and no one bothered to keep hounding him about what was in it. Back in the day, Raf acknowledged that he knew what was in the combo and out of respect for Kevin he was not going to spill the beans. And, while Raf was willing to keep a secret I would like to believe he had the integrity to not lie to the world if it was lethal

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Wasn’t there an old video on the Ralph Davis YT channel where he slid a tub out of the rack in the last 2-3 seconds to reveal a combo that nobody had ever seen before? I thought people had speculated that it was a magpie, but I don’t remember him revisiting the subject ever again.

There sure is… its oddities like this that have lead me to believe that it has to be either a lethal combo or a product of the desert gene. Its too attractive to be held under wraps for this long!

From what I know from the desert gene is that it is not perticulairy this combo but the problem with the desert gene even as a stand alone gene. Desert is not lethal but the females can not reproduce. It seems no-one ever managed to get babies from a desert female. The eggs either don’t get fertilized and get resolved in the body of the female and never get out, or they do grow but the female can not lay the eggs and gets egg bound with all the problems you can think off, so dying or needing surgery to save the snake. With the males is nothing wrong. But if they get babies and they are female you can only sell them as pets and not as breeders.

There is a whole video of Justin kobylka on youtube in which he did try it to see if it was true. The one female that did get full term eggs, ended up having surgery to save her life so he and most breeders stopped trying. I heard several breeders on youtube mentioning that since the discovery of the ultramel, which is almost the same visually almost no breeder wants to breed them anymore because 50 % of the offspring can only be sold as a pet and there is a healty alternative for it. Just like there is now a shift going on from super cinnamon/super blackpastel / black pastel cinnamon because of the kinking to super mahogany ( Suma’s) to get the black snakes because there is no genetic problem with suma’s.

This is about the desert gene. The desert ghost is totally fine.

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Yep, I fully understand the desert gene as I had looked into it years and years ago but thank you for an well said explanation for others who are interested in this subject as well. I had mentioned it as it really does look like this combo has it present, and it was mentioned in a few forums as a gene present in the combo… Still I have a major interest in these awesome looking combos and hopefully @jkobylka, could maybe chime in or as previously stated, @owalreptiles could give some insight as to the whereabouts of this elusive unicorn.

edit: I’m planning on asking this same bit of questioning on NERDs’ next live stream via YouTube so I’ll respond here with whats said there! if they divulge the info that is…

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That was the “Flatline” Clown which Ralph later spoke on and said it was just something about his line of Clowns. Given the discovery of Blade being tightly integrated in Clown blood I would contend that it was most likely a nicely reduced Clown SuperBlade

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Yeah from what I understand RDR made the flatline and NERD the magpie… I mistakenly took that RDR video for another that eludes me at the moment but I’ll look for it. I also have read that the Magpie moved very poorly which still leads me to think it had some seriously poor genetic properties that lead to its seclusion from the community… but still only speculative conclusions can be drawn by myself at the moment

Flatline was a NERD creation, RDR “reverse engineered” it to create the Asystole.

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The original video, from 2010. Note what Ralph titled it (you will have to scroll to 3:24 to get to the punchline):

Asystole was NERDs (incorrect) attempt at recreating it in 2011

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Oops, I got it backwards.