Male not ready?

I have a Male Killerbee axanthic I was hoping to breed and make some hets, and he doesnt seem to wanna go.
He is just over 900 grams, the female I have is 2200 grams. She wags her tail and seems interested in him, but he shies away and always stays on the other side of the tub.
I have a smaller 500gram champagne male who I have seen show extreme interest. So I am wondering if it’s not the size but just the male?
The killerbee is also from 2017 and the champagne is 2019. So it cant be age either.

I have tried things like putting a Male nearby and seeing if it prompted breeding response. I have marked the female with his sperm plugs as well as another males. I have left sheds from another male and another female in the bin.
Nothing seems to work.

Is it possible he just doesnt like this female? Has anyone dealt with this?

Is it possible he just doesn’t like this female? Has anyone dealt with this?
Yes and vice versa.

The problem with animals is that because they are ready or optimal on paper it does not guarantee that they will actually do something, I have had lazy males, I have had late bloomers, I had males that were rejectected by females or show no interest in some specific females while not having issues with others…etc

Now all you can do is be patient, use stubborn breeder tricks like the following

Shed and sperm plug of another male.
Put 2 females with the male
Use the shed and or beeding of another female in the tub of the female he is paired with.


Two things to also keep in mind use wheather at your advantage pair during low pressure, storm, rain, snow etc and remember because you do not see any action it does not mean that nothing is happening, I have had males that I never caught in the act siring many clutches.


Thank you. I have tried most of these except for putting another female in there. I have been checking the weather for drops constantly. I have my suspicions that he may be a lazy male. He has not shown much interest in any of my females.
I’m hoping this changes by the time my superfly het axanthic is up to size -_-

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I am experiencing the exact same thing with one of my males, and he is a proven breeder. However this season he was disrupted by an injury, and a 3month antibiotic injection regiem. Ive used all of the tricks of the trade, and authough he is courting, ( laying on top of or coiled with the females ive paired him with…he is not following through. And im certain he isnt locking due to the lack of follicle growth from the females ive paired only him with. So the plan is to wait until he changes his level of interest. Its hard to be patient, but thats the only thing that i can do. If i pair the females i have reserved for him with another, its not going to help my projects by putting the females back at minimum another year,… so patience is my current plan. I wish i had some advice that could help, but i think you should consider the same option ive gone with at least for a couple more months. Because as you know our BPs will breed year round, and theyre all on different cyles.