Male or Female?

I would say that I’m usually pretty good at sexing my ball pythons, but I’m not entirely sure about this one. It’s 306 grams, and a probe only goes down about 3 scales so I want to say it’s a female, but these red spots are making me question myself so I want some outside opinions.

It’s more red in the second picture, but I think that’s because I had been popping multiple times to try and get a good photo (I had to get my dad to take the pictures and he didn’t know what he was looking for). If it isn’t hemipenes, then what is it? Just blood vessels?

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its female and you should never have to press that hard.


Thanks for the help! Maybe I was pressing harder than I realized since I was starting to get agitated with my dad not knowing what he was supposed to take the pictures of, and I was trying to make it as obvious as possible for him to see what I was talking about (he didn’t bring his glasses, but refused to tell me that he literally couldn’t see until we had already taken the photos :sweat:). I can promise you that I don’t normally use that much pressure, but I will definitely be more careful in the future.