Massaging lizards?

Ok call me insane but what if we were to massage lizards, so think about this muscles over time tighten, and after a while they can feel very stiff, but massages “break up” the muscle, could that be applicable to lizards? I have tried once before EXTREMELY gently. and my beardie did”nt seem to mind.


Well I don’t know about massaging exactly, but a lot of lizards such as iguana’s, monitors, tegus, beardies and others seem to like being rubbed down/lightly scratched. Whether it helps them shed or they just enjoy the contact I couldn’t say exactly. So much to still be learned with all reptiles!


Gentle massage or stroking seems to be appreciated by a lot of animals.

One good way to tell if they like something is if they have the full ability to move away from the stimulus and do not, or instead lean into it, and display relaxed body language!

I wouldn’t be surprised if your lizard likes his pets.