Maternity boxes vs colony breeding

I’m extremely back and forth on rat setup. I’m trying to budget and can’t decide tubs and if I’m going to do individual maternity bins or not. I honestly might build a small individual birth rack and then move them back together to raise up. Not have them raise the litter on thier own. Mainly for monitoring, @stewart_reptiles touched on this from the split thread. I would only need enough singles for each tub that’s birthing that week. I’m going to start with a single breeding tub and work up gradually filling racks. and Like @saleengrinch said if I have 60 snakes I’ll want to have rat per but I’ll never have 60 birthing the same week at the most 20. That’s not too bad on individual tubs but I’m not even near those numbers yet. I don’t think it’s so much for the birthing rat as it is for me though.

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