May 2021 Photos Of The Month Winners

The votes have been counted!!

:tada:Congratulations to our May 2021 winners! :partying_face:

Reptile of The Month: @fatalis

Ball Python of The Month: @unkn0vvn1221

Invertebrate/Amphibian of The Month: @elementalherps

Thank you to everyone that has taken part in this month’s competitions.


I need to know the Snake above that won reptile of the month. I picked it every time :joy::heart:


That’s my fiesty little guy Caim! This is probably one of the best pics I’ve ever taken, so I’m pretty stoked so many people like it. I think I was taking him out to clean his tub and he really wasn’t into it. Then he just kinda ended up in this great pose, ready to eat my nose or something.


Thats a bullsnake or something close to that right??

He’s a Florida kingsnake! Ultra mosaic morph.


wow cool, she looks very much like this royal

images (1)

That’s not a Royal?…
Unless that’s morph name? :sweat_smile:

“Employee Monitoring” is definitely not any sort of morph name that I know of :thinking:


@fatalis that is one of the coolest photos Ive ever seen on here. Well deserved win! Gz to the other winners as well!

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