Meg White, Corn Snake

Corn snakes are the best pet snake. I’ll stand by those words.

This is Meg, she’s 5 years old. She laid two good clutches this year, she’s taking the rest of the year off, maybe next year too. We have something on the order of fifty snakes, all sorts of morphs and such, but this wild-type classic corn snake is my favorite. She has all the personality, not a drop of fear or flightiness, a huge feeding response, and a curious nature.

She has escaped what I thought were inescapable enclosures, twice. She was found in the garage one time, and crawled across my face in my sleep, the other. Sort of a miracle snake, in that way.

This is her, in her newly remodeled digs. When I get some good LEDs for it, I’ll put some live plants in there. There’s a sterilite tub buried in the corner, with a hole cut in the top of the lid. Deep coco-based substrate throughout.

She’s a precious angel.


She is adorable. In my experience I have never had good corn snakes which is very rare I know. My two are little devil’s even though I handled then since I bought them and have worked hard to tame them. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I like feisty corns just fine, but they aren’t for everyone, and they are increasingly rare. I’m surprised you ended up with two nippy ones.

Meg is chill as they come. I’m actually looking for some large, highly reactive (bitey) corn snakes.

Most corns in the hobby are approaching actual domestication, at this point. Thanks for the reply!

Of course. It was strange, I’ve Handled corns at expos before but never a mean one I fell in love with the look of a pair and bought them. Lucifer , the male is quite mean. But not as mean as his mate, gamma. It is fine, I just sometimes worry that even though I’ve given them everything a corn snake could want, that they are not happy for some reason :disappointed_relieved:

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Maybe they are just too happy! Who knows? Maybe they want less? Snakes can be funny like that. :smiley: Awesome names, btw.

Thank you, yes I’ve tried everything to make them happy or less happy, I try as hard as I can to make every one of my snake handleable because of my two children, my five year old constantly asks to hold them and it hurts my heart to have to say no to her, because I just really don’t want to stress them out anymore, I’ve kind of given up with these two. But I swear that they will have a happy healthy home with me for as long as both of them live.

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I enjoy other species as well, but corns will always be my number one reptile! I’ve had a few feisty ones over the years, but the vast majority are super tame, great eaters, and beautifully colored.


I assume she’s also excellent at keeping time, almost like a metronome, but cute…. That’s my Meg White joke.
I love corns! My male escaped once, found him at the bottom of my supply shelf, inside the Tupperware container that I use to thaw rodents.

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Nice one.

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