Michigan Ship Requirements?

I’m in the market for our first snake baby so i’m new to all of this. I’m having a hard time figuring out what my state’s laws/requirements for shipping reptiles in the state. All I was able to find was that they require a CVI/HEALTH certificate. The details were vague and uninformative. Any breeder I’ve contacted in regards to this as a possibility has seemed confused or unable to do/provide. Is this actually a rule? Are there other laws(Michigan)? Any info would be useful. Thanks a bunch!

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Can you link the provenance of your information regarding the requirement of a health certificate? Also what particular species are we talking about and where would the animal be shipping from (US or abroad)?

I am not aware of any specific rules pertaining to Michigan.

Most rules are usually in states or cities where certain species are either prohibited or require a permit and where breeders will not ship.


This is really all I’ve been able find.
I’ve been looking into ball pythons in the U.S.

This applies to events such as reptile shows and other animal exhibitions.

It’s not uncommon for states to require health certificates for incoming exhibitors same applies to Tenessee as well, however when it comes down to an individual or business shipping to another individual there are no such requirements.

Oh my gosh that makes everything so much easier! With everyone under restrictions right now, not too many breeders were able to get one. Thank you so much!


where in Michigan are you located? we are in Burton Michigan