Missed odds to huh

So this was supposed to be an easy clutch, Red Stripe Het Clown x DH Hypo Clown. Missed on any visual Clowns, praying I wasn’t sold a fake Het. But I got some interesting results.
First is the most “normal” looking one in the clutch.

Next is the most “normal” looking Red Stripe in the clutch

Third is where I go “that’s a nice looking Red Stripe, maybe just a Het influence shining through”

4th is a Red Stripe where I say “okay, you’re odd and definitely have something going on.” Could be the Granite that floats in my RS, could be a Het influence :man_shrugging:

And lastly is this “normal” where I can only toss my hands up and wonder

I was looking at breeding the female to my Hypo Clown next season to try to confirm her genetics. But now I’m half debating on repeating the pairing. All hatchlings are females as well.


Really interesting. Would be interesting to see the Red Stripes next to each other. That second one looks insane in that picture for a plain RS.

I’ve had something like this happen to me too. Bred the same girl with different male 2 years and saw the same thing happen. Plan on breeding 2 of the abnormal looking ones from different clutches next year, should be exciting!

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Still a nice looking clutch,shame you missd the odds,next time maybe regards Tony

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Second one next to the third one

All three

All three plus another RS that I hatched last month