Missing snake: suggestions very welcome!

Flour near baseboards too.


Don’t gove up hope! One of mine was gone almost a whole month and returned on New Year’s Eve. Good thing I had absolutely no plans that night lol


We’ve done the flour around baseboards and such everywhere where I can feasibly keep it down without my dog licking it up, lol!!! I usually do a weekly check in the basement, but I’ll start searching cabinets and such too since it’s getting pretty chilly out.

And thank you for the encouragement!!! I’m still hopeful he’ll show up somewhere, likely when I least expect it, lol!!


Just an update, I found my baby today, but unfortunately not how I would have liked. He was deceased when we found him (the guy fixing my heat found him). I’m very sad that I didn’t recover him alive, but I gave him a nice burial and was able to say goodbye. But I know now and I have closure.
I wanted to say thank you again for all the suggestions while he was missing! Even though he went over the Rainbow Bridge I’ll see him again someday.


Aw man that’s such a bummer! Believe me I know how let down you are but these little guys are just too curious and adventurous for their own good. However I am glad to hear that you have declared closure. You are blessed to have been given the opportunity to give him a proper burial.

I know that this was a hard lesson learned. We all are here for you @mnemosurgeons. :heart::pray: