Monthly Gene/Trait Updates

Just applied our monthly genetics update, including revisions to Ball Pythons, Crested Geckos and Corn Snakes. Since May we’ve performed 7 updates (Nov & Dec were combined). Having this schedule has been a much better process than before.

If you need to request an update, follow the instructions here:…/how-to-request…/119

We aren’t the genetics experts, but we do consult them. In 2021, we plan to form advisory teams of experts per category and perform a systematic review of our entire genetics database. Following that, we’ll implement a more rigorous screening process for the updates.


Is there somewhere that the changes are listed?

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Was the Jolliff Tiger being co-Dom added to this or will it be in a different update?

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@westridge I have not listed the changes to date, TBH because I don’t want backlash over each detail, especially given that there are probably a number of details that need to be worked out as it is. I plan for us to have a more formal process after we do a full expert review of our genes this year, and then will be more transparent about the changes. Namely we are a bit lax about adding new genes, if someone will fill out the form. But to be fair to them I’d need to show all that info as well, and all of this starts to add a lot of friction to a process that is currently lightweight.

That being said I do usually involve the forum around CHANGES to the existing data here, it’s more about the additions.

@serpentswitch117 I’m glad you brought that one up. I had a note to do this, but I could not track down where that requested had come in, either on the forum or email or FB. Now I found the thread here: Jolliff Tiger Super Form
and promise to fix it this month.


MorphMarket January/Feburary Trait Data Update Highlights

Burmese Pythons: (after adding the whole category a few weeks ago)

  • added pied alias
  • added dwarf tag

Bearded Dragons:

  • added phantom leatherback gene

Ball Pythons:

  • added chimo and mosaic genes
  • removed granite from soul sucker
  • changed jolliff tiger to inc dom
  • added chocolate/spotnose/wookie complex
  • added hidden gene woma to spider complex

To request a trait addition please follow the instructions here: How to Request a Gene Addition

To request a trait change, please create a public topic in our community forums under the appropriate species.


Those are some wonderful changes that are now here :grin::+1:


March/April 2021

@wreckroomsnakes @jkobylka @burger_balls @randyf

These have now been added to the database!

Animals can now be listed using these trait tags.


Great going Thomas @eaglereptiles

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May/June/July 2021

New additions.



Boa Constrictors



Ball Pythons



So excited to see new animals properly listed :grin:

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November Trait Updates

Ball Pythons

Sand Boas

  • New recessive trait: HRP
  • Rufescens spelling corrected
  • Axanthic renamed to Anery as the primary name for this trait


Boa Constrictors

Corn Snakes

  • Palmetto changed to incomplete dominant

December Trait Updates

A huge new update that @john has finished working his butt off doing!


Ball Pythons

Bearded Dragons

Boa Constrictor

Crested Geckos


Leopard Geckos

  • Pastel - change to dominant (proven by Alex Hue) [15]

Rainbow Boas

Reticulated Pythons

Sand Boas

Western Hognose

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This is great, I have a few myself I was working on offline, should have it done in a few more days. The only thing I noticed was Softscale is incomplete dominant not dominant. You can visually see the super form and we even have some macro shots showing some of the differences in the scalation. Here’s a couple from the original post we made on this with AC Reptiles.


Whoops, that was my bad :blush:. I meant to say that Soft Scale had been changed to Inc-Dom.