More noob breeder questions

So first clutch finally shed out and while proving conclusively that I can’t pop for … I noticed something wierd on the last one to shed.

Anyone that followed my other thread pairing was an ivory female to what was sold as an asphalt male that proved out to be yellow belly with 6 yellow belly and two ivory.

I’m not sure how well the first 3 show up but it looks like kind of like what I would say is a slight ringer, for lack of a better description, but what throws me is the bright orange and the pixelation that looks like a conjoined teddy graham. A couple others definitely have more of an orange/peach hue to them. I’ll try and get some better pictures tomorrow. Am I just over thinking this or is there something weird going on?

I incubated at 88.5 so slightly low, but is that enough to cause something like this?

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This is what is referred to as a ringer which can be ,or or less extreme.

Ringer can be seen in some mutations more than others and is one of the various pied makers, now not all animals with a ringer are het pied but when dealing with a clutch of poss hets for example breeder will tend to keep ringers to prove them out.


That’s why I CMA with the title. Don’t mess with things and try to think at 0dark30 with next to no sleep for 2 days.

@stewart_reptiles thanks.

So not sure how well this will show up tried numerous times to try and get photos to show what I was talking about with moderate success. Aside from the one with the ringer a couple of the other YB have the same orange coloration on the belly and in the flaming with more of a peach color in the alien heads.