Morph help- Crested Gecko

Hi! Can someone help me ID my new crested geckos morph? I just took him in from someone who needed to re-home him.



Dark pinstripe, partial quad stripe. Nice animal


Thank you!

I think maybe dalmatian too

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how about mine

I need to see a picture of it from the side.

Harlequin Dalmatian partial pinstripe.

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Harlequin partial pinstripe

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Do you have separate pictures of fired up and fired down? The color change can often be a bit confusing to pin down the morph. Looks to be a pinstripe.

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No such thing as a partial quad stripe, it is either a quad, or its not a quad. This animal would simply be referred to as a harlequin pinstripe.

There is such thing as a partial quad. Quadstripe is a line either side, where as a partial quad is…
One side has the full line. The other side has the line split in half. So 2 lines on one side. :blush:

A quad stripe is 4 stripes, if it is partal then it would be a penta stripe, or a hex stripe, ect. The point of a quad stripe is 4 complete stripes with no breaks. Heh, what do I know I suppose, clearly math lol

A quad stripe is pinning on top and then 2 stripes, so yes 4 stripes, pinning and then one either side.
If one of the stripes on the side is split, meaning one full on one side and 2 lines on the other (the line is split), we then call those partial quad stripes in the uk.
I have a few examples of partial quads myself as I work with quads/phantom quads myself :blush: