Morph help lmao sorry?

sorry guys for the spam lmaoo just wondering
which one of these morphs is more pricey ? and will be good to breed , they’re both boys btw
(not mine )

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this is the second one sorry

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I can’t help with morph IDs, but can I ask, are you asking about morph/price because you want to start breeding, or just keeping?

breed !!!:call_me_hand:

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Are they fired up in these pics? Do you have anymore pics?

For breeding, you really need to look at what you want to produce, there are so many breeders out there that’s it’s highly likely you will not make a profit!

I’d say:
first is an partial pinstripe, extreme harlequin, possible tricolour (pic quality fades when I zoom in so can’t say for sure) with portholes

Second is a possible lavender and cream, extreme harlequin, snowflake and drippy.

I prefer geckos with better head structure, but both Geckos are great in colour. I have lots of tricolours already and I’m currently working with snowflake trait so the second one would be more my kinda gecko. However, as I said…it’s down to what you like and want to work with!

A Geckos worth will likely decrease, the more they are sold and ppl don’t tend to want to buy new morphs as they are expensive! At least not in UK.

Eg Lilly whites are super low in price right now, but a few years ago they were really expensive


I agree with Fox - when it comes to breeding you should aim towards producing geckos with genes and traits that you like and want to improve, and don’t care too much about what makes you the most money since the market changes constantly, especially with the ever-growing understanding of their genetics and subsequent new morphs that are popping up :blush:


Just a suggestion, but I wouldn’t start until you’re able to identify morphs and appropriate pricing yourself without having to ask about each individual animal. That’s going to be incredibly important. The market right now is kinda rough and there’s a lot more to figure out before you even purchase or pair animals.

Decide what genes you want to work with, invest in high quality animals from legit breeders, have a business plan, have a plan for if babies don’t sell and keeping them long term in that case, find a veterinarian and have backup funds in case of emergency, etc.


Agreed - the Foundation Genetics guides on LMReptiles’ webpage is a great place to start gaining an understanding of how it works :blush:


thankyou so much ! what are some good ones you recommend?

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any breeder recommendations? or websites and morphs ? appreciate you bro :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::100:

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You need to figure that out yourself! Take a look at the guide i mentioned, another great source is ACReptiles’ webpage, as well as both LMReptiles’ and ACReptiles’ instagrams. Get an understanding of the genetics, and what known traits there are and pick one, or a combo you like, and then buy geckos that have those traits to work with (:


reptile community is very cool already love it appreciate the help and love bro that’s hard to get here in cali​:100::call_me_hand::joy:


will definitely look those up and do my research

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First off.

If you’re breeding for money, which it does seem going off all your posts. Then you’re in the wrong hobby. Breeding Reptiles in general shouldn’t be done to make quick ‘bucks’. You should be in it for the love of the reptile… what you want to get out and hold back to carry on the lines and make them better and so on…

Crestie market is oversaturated atm so you need to have AMAZING cresties to be able to sell any easy at the moment.

I’m not going to point out the better Crestie as personally this is something I feel YOU can only make the choice on. And future plans etc.

But you need to have a really good think… You can’t just pair any ol Crestie together and get amazing babs out. They need bio vivs (bests imo) males need to live separate. You need to feed and care for them. Make sure of age and weight before breeding…
not a quick thing.