Morph help please!

Hi guys I was wondering if someone could help me identifying this morph as I was intrigued. Thank you in advance!

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Do you have any more information or know what the breeder thinks it is? Looks like maybe a firefly.


They say it’s a pastel but I thought it might of had something else in it as i thought pastels were more vibrant

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I don’t own the snake, nor do I know what the parents were.

If you would of opened the thread it goes on to say what kind of shots you could take, yes it starts off asking for parents because it ultimately helps. I had no idea you owned it or not you were pretty vague. It looks Axanthic from the photo you provided.

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That looks like a fire fly or a faded pastel yellowbelly but without knowing any information. Like parents or what is was sold to you as it’s going to be hard to give a strong answer.

Definitely would recommend some better pictures
Here’s a guide to get some better identification photos.

It is by @wreckroomsnakes

Oops I don’t notice that you already did it

@jai75 There are many different lines of pastels. Certain lines hold there color way better than other. And certain lines are way brighter than others. That being said most pastel fade out a lot and look no were the same as they do as hatchlings.

I understand I was vague but all I stated was I don’t own the python nor do I know what the pairing of the parents was. I was looking at buying it but was intrigued by the colour of him/her.

Thank you, I haven’t seen a pastel like it so I thought I would ask.