Morph ?help?

i’m guessing this a harlequin partial pinstripe and he’s around 200$ as of right now , i’m testing my knowledge correct me if im wrong he will be around 400 adult ? , AGAIN CORRECT ME IF WRONG LMAOO did my research and wanna test myself

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By the time he’s an adult there’s no way to know what the market is like. Buy geckos based on what you want to make and not what they’re potentially worth. The first breeder male i ever bought is only worth about half of what he was worth back then now ±. So like Ghoulish said in your other post, don’t go into this if you want to make money cause you’re most likely not going to.


i just wanna buy this guy for a good price and not get ripped off lol this is pet only right here not ready to breed :100::call_me_hand:took your guys advice

Some young DONT go up in price.

Unless went like parents then there’s no saying, he could drop in value.

In the uk for a Harley pin dash like that, assuming Unsexed, you’re looking at 50, if stayed like it is colour wise also, as they’re common.
IF it was like parents the price would be more. Or if someone is willing to risk it when price again would vary as parents are high white/cream and the baby COULD end up similar.

But you NEED to trust your breeder regarding price they put up as, at the end of the day it’s their Crestie to price, not everyone will agree on pricing at all. If you’re not happy with price, which it seems like atm regarding you checking price of every Crestie you see as you think you’re gonna be ripped off or it’s too high etc, then search online and find a well known breeder, have a chat and go from there.