Morph identification help needed!

Hey Everybody! Im buying another ball python and thought id ask you all to help me id the girl. I appreciate any help from you guys and am thankful for any second opinions i can get. Ive been told she is a cinnamon. And might have another gene. There is no info on the parents though.

She said that these two unkown genes might be in it as well but she doesnt know what they are called so i leave it in the hands of you experts


Cinnamon no additional gene and do you have any better pictures of the second one on a solid background looks like a normal in these.


Do cinnamons normally not have eyestripes?

Sometimes darker morphs like cinny, bp, and even mahogany can have darker eye stripes to the point where they’re almost not even visible. It’s not related to other morphs as far as we know, just one way the morphs can look


Good to know. I bought her today and her eye stripes are pretty much non existent so i was curious i love the way it looks though