Morph identification help please

I bought these guys in September and they had no idea what their genetics were,anyone wanna have a go?
Id greatly appreciate it

Will upload more pics if needed (also if pos)


Normal and albino(?) can’t quite see the eyes

Better pictures, are needed like pictures that are taken without flash preferably in sunlight. Multiple angles showing their eyes and tails and just general body in greater detail.

Morph identification geckos I personally trust @westridge so I will just drop a tag


theyre a bit hard to get pics but if those arent good enough ill take better ones in the morning with a better camera

One is an albino, borderline Sunglow due to the reduced pattern. There is no way to tell what line just from looking at it. That can only be determined by test breeding. The other is a high-yellow normal.


Your positive its a normal?

I agree with @westridge

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Normal is a generic term. But since the person you got it from didn’t have the genetic info it works. There is no positive way to determine what it is. It would just be guess work. Its might have some snow and mp in it but its a guess. I wouldn’t breed it.

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why not breed it?

you could breed it but, it will take around 5 or so years to test breed for traits since there is no info. And either keep the babies or sell as pet only.

If you do breed it, then you will likely either be stuck with the babies, or have to sell them dirt cheap as pet only. Generally speaking, if you want to breed any animal, you get reliable breeding stock directly from a breeder. That way you know the genetic history in the form of both morph, or any genetic issues the line could have. Breeding just any cheap unimpressive animal leads to animals that could potentially be abandoned at rescues later due to the people that buy them for cheap getting bored of them. This is why shelters fix cats and dogs when you adopt, so you can’t just breed them and add to the problem.