Morph identify

Lighter than my other normals. Purchased from a owner who was moving out of state and was a family pet. Planning to pair her later in the year. PXL_20210522_173629722|405x500



Looks like a possible Axanthic, though it can be hard to tell with adults.


I was thinking the same thing

Cool. I was thinking that as well. I’ll look into pairing her with another axanthic. Thanks !

The problem is that there’s multiple lines of Axanthic - VPI, SK, MJ, Joliff, GCR and now black axanthic. If you don’t guess right, you’re just going to get double hets of whatever axanthic line your male is, and then mystery axanthic.

You could spend the next 15 years and thousands of $$ trying to prove her out. Maybe she should just stay a nice family pet


I second this. Just because you can breed it doesn’t mean it should be bred. If you don’t know the history/genetics of the animal and it isn’t from a good breeder, then it should stay a pet.


Yes, in familiar with the different lines of axanthic. I already have a het VPI and a buddy has a TSK. I don’t see joliff and gcr nearly as much as I do VPI or TSK, so the probability of TSK or VPI is higher. So spending $ is irrelevant. More of a side project than an investment. If it doesn’t pan out, it doesn’t pan out. The previous owner was a multimillionaire who basically gave me two balls because he was moving. He took great care of them and I don’t see a reason to not try pairing her because she wasn’t paired before and was a family pet. If I was selling her offspring and was unsure of genetics then obviously there would be an issue. But that is not the case.

My reason would be being stuck with the babies unknown axanthic hets are a tough sell.


Just to play devil’s advocate lol … I agree with the poster here - the snake looks great and the Most Likely scenario is that she is either a VPI or TSK axanthic, of which he already has males for each. If she proves VPI (would be my first guess) then you are rewarded with axanthics, if not he can sell his “mystery hets” as pet normals to others who will enjoy them regardless. If she isn’t VPI, then try the next year with TSK and you might see visuals only a year later. If not at that point maybe move on!

Me personally I want to start with the absolute best examples of whatever axanthic line I would work with. Don’t want to be guessing and dealing with mystery hets.


Only a mystery until proven, I think the snake is a nice axanthic! :blush:

Oh I for sure think it’s axanthic. Never disagreed with that!

Thanks again for everyone’s input. Appreciate it :call_me_hand:t3: