MorphMarket API Planned?

I am a web developer by trade and have been working on my breeder website. Many have breeder websites outside of morph market and I would love to develop some api connectivity so I can make my listings on morph market and integrate them to my site (or visa versa). I’m sure others may enjoy this sort of feature too, and I would happy to make my work open source to other developers who want the same thing.

Anything like this planned in the future for any of the price tiers? :slight_smile:

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Do you mean sort of a RSS feed showing your for sale snakes?

It’s not planned in the near-term sense, but it has been considered and is requested occasionally. Generally speaking though, these features only benefit a handful of people, so they are ranked lower than other features which impact many or all of our users.

As @eagleboas pointed out, an alternative to a “push” API is a “pull” functionality, where our site periodically hits a URL on your site to download an RSS/XML/JSON type feed of currently available animals. This is an eventual possibility.


API access! I know this has been discussed but never implemented. I’m building an app that includes a collection tracker, advanced gene explorer, and morph classifier that would benefit enormously from access to simple listing data. Would also love to build an efficient pipeline for people to list snakes in their collection on MM. In general, I have a lot of ideas/designs that are hard to implement without access to industry-standard market data.

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