Morphmarket Availability

I need to stay off the market part of morphmarket :wink: Everytime I get on there i find a new snake or gene that I want and my taste in genes is getting more expensive.
I recently got into tristripe and now waiting to get my puzzles this last time I was on there got me wanting to get into cryptic.


I’m the same with Cresties…
I need to stop as brought 14 this year… Need someone to smack my phone out of my hand! :joy:


I have the same problem. Its difficalt to stick to a plan when something really nice comes up.

Yea, I have someone who does that for me, my wife :roll_eyes:

But in seriousness she did get me to promise not to buy at night if I have had a few Rums.


I’m single so I don’t have to run it buy anyone :slight_smile:


Wife or more animals :thinking:

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Sorry I don’t have to get permission to buy more

@jesseleavitt that bit if fun brightened up my day :slight_smile:

But to be serious for a bit, do your plans keep changing or do you expand them as you see new things?

My problem is that I keep buying more sand boas. I’ve bought at least a dozen in the last year. “But it’s so rare!” “But it enhances an existing project!” “But I’ve always wanted that gene!” “But I need more females!” “But it’s a trade, which means it’s free, right?”


I expand on existing projects

Me too usually but I am not always that disciplined. Sometimes i see something new, fall in love and get into new projects. Then I have to get another snake to go with it.
Where will it end

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My only saving grace at the moment is that I’m trying to find a house or apartment to rent, otherwise I’d have way more than I already do! Looking at you, ultramel project (and to a lesser extent colubrids).


I’m exactly the same, my husband is constantly trying me to stop looking at geckos or snakes :slight_smile:

I have been passing them off as a possible investment to convince him, even though we are just starting out with the breeding side of things and we are likely to keep most of what we breed :grin: so investment is a huge exaggeration, hence possible :grin:

lucky for me, I do the money in the family…I want to point out that the snakes are technically his anyway :smirk:

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Same with my wife, she says i love them more than her :smirk:

yes I tried that trick too. she is not buying it. She knows me well and that I will keep most and use any money to buy more expensive animals :roll_eyes:

That’s my problem, she does the fiances :unamused:

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No one slapped my hand…
Found an adult female Amel fat tail gecko for my boy Grandpa…
Does this class as ok to purchase her, since he’s so so lonely… So… Lonely… Look at how sad he is with no girlfriend…
He’s searching for a friend see :slightly_frowning_face:
Those eggs won’t be your friend buddy… :persevere::sob::sweat_smile:


Don’t tell him :shushing_face::joy:
Luckily the other half is usually showing me Cresties also. I mean he’s always the one to bring home rescue reptiles for ‘us’ to look after and find decent homes for.
Latest rehabilitation member is a 2 year old Albino Burmese who’s not eaten in over a year! Skinny, stuck shed and mites! He/she is going to be hard to let go as so friendly and adorable, but he/she is going to my friend so I know will be loved and cared for :heart:


We tell each other everything and tbh I’m pretty good with money and his answer is “as long as we can afford it” :grin: he knows I won’t buy something we can’t afford to care for… My eldest son gets the most annoyed as delivery is usually a reptile, or for the Reptiles and he wants to know why it’s not for him. Doesn’t matter that we have a house overflowing with toys

Some people buy clothes for fun… I’d rather buy reptiles


Yeah I can’t keep a secret about anything. Even when wanting to surprise him with something I find it hard…
Haha that’s brilliant! Maybe the next reptile can be for him? My daughter loves everything here and says ‘Is be mine aswell?’ :sweat_smile: Shes 6 in June bless her. It’s always a yea Ofcourse! She loves her new Crestie too and had first cuddle today with him and loves how small and cute he is and his red spots! :blush:

Love that, I’m the same too, we’ve got these longer than a jumper or pair of trousers! My family think I’m mental at times I swear. I’m the only one with reptiles/amphibians… So maybe they just don’t get it :thinking:


I just bought hubby an albino ball python as an early birthday present, birthday is June. And I couldn’t keep it quiet so told him before I actually put the deposit down lol

My 7 year old asks which ones are his, he occasionally holds them, takes pictures of them and brings sticks home for them, he just likes calling them his Gecko’s. I said he can choose a baby reptile when we eventually breed some.

I’m trying to restrain myself this year as purchased 1 snake and 1 Crestie this year and far too many last year lol! I am Trying to look logically that space will run out (for the Cresties at least) and breeding is my goal… If I buy too many, then I can’t breed the reptiles we do have!

Once the kids are older and have significantly less toys, I will be going all out again though :grin: if I make it that long lol

People without Reptiles don’t understand that owning 1 reptile just isn’t a possibility :slight_smile:


Tell me about it! Kaneki was my first boy and I just fell head over heels!..
Well now we have 32 Crested Geckos (atm), male Panther chameleon, colon dart frogs, williamsi, mournings, giant African land snail, 3 fat tails, a hermans tortoise and a sulcata, a southern toad, 3 musk turtles, a banana royal… And to top it off a marine tank, little tropical tank, big pond full of Koi, 3 dogs and Italian coturnix quail.
And most of them have names too but may take me a while to list… :joy:
And i mean, is that really enough?.. :rofl::face_with_raised_eyebrow::heart_eyes:


Me too, I wish I could !!