MorphMarket Filter to Subcategory Search Bug [1142] [FIXED]

Is it just me or is the filter function not working properly? For example when viewing other boas / sand boas, when I set the parameters to “Female” and hit search it displays all species of females listed on MM. Is there a species filter that I am missing, what gives? Thank you

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@john it’s bringing up leopard geckos. Lol

It brings up leopards, ball pythons and everything else.

Yeah,. Good catch

I think the problem might be with the sub categories, because when I use the filter under Boa Constrictors there is no problem.

Yes! This is a known bug, and it has been for quite a while I am guessing (maybe years). Incidentally we have fixed it and that fix should go out within the next few days. :slight_smile:

Yes it has to do with the filters not tracking the subcategory properly - you’ll notice it’s blank, therefore the new search is open to all categories.

Thanks for reporting. If you don’t see it fixed in a week bug us again.

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Okay I lied - we have only half fixed it so far (while doing related work), but it’s being actively worked on. I would still hope to see the fix out within a week or so.


Okay all search/subcategory related bugs should be fixed. Let us know if you see any search problems.