MorphMarket marketplace etiquette for aborting transactions

Is MM totally cool with sellers aborting transactions altogether because the destination has too cold temps to ship safely in the the immediate future?


Has any money changed hands?


Yes. Hence the question of the ethics of aborting such.

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They can, however MM’s default store policy explicitly states;

  • If Seller backs out of a deal that Buyer has paid money into, Seller is responsible to pay back 100% of the money, including any portion labeled as non-refundable. Seller must also refund any additional amounts paid by Buyer for the shipping label.

So if their own store policy does not override this (idk if it truly can or not, staff would have to answer) then they owe you everything back.


Thank you, IOWs, a seller can back out for any or no reason at all. As long as a refund is in full.

This will make my defunct seller happy. ;(

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Your doing great here Jess :wink:

Nope, it can’t.
Anything underlined in the DSP cannot be overridden and are considered Rules.


If you don’t mind me asking but, Did you and the seller communicate prior about the weather poss being an issue with shipping this time of year?

I always discuss the possibility that it maybe a few months before weather is safe enough to ship, and to make sure the buyer is fully aware of that fact prior to purchase.


I know that most sellers, myself included, already have a defined temperature range they will ship during written in to their ToS, so I would ask if that was already noted there?


Both relevant questions, as I forgot to note in my initial reply, @beheco, that the policy depends on who backed out of the deal. If the buyer decides that they do not want to continue with the transaction because the seller cannot ship immediately, the following applies:

Deposits are non-refundable if Buyer backs out of a deal. Any amount paid by Buyer that is defined as a “deposit” in the ongoing transaction is considered a non-refundable deposit. If Seller does not specify that additional payments are non-refundable or sales are final, or does not specify the percentage of a full payment that represents the non-refundable portion, that amount shall not exceed 10% of the asking price.

That said, considering this reply:

It sounds like the weather might’ve been the least of the issues. In my personal opinion, it’s up to the seller to make clear their shipping policies before accepting payment for an animal, even if they already have the policy listed on the store page. Even moreso for sellers who rely on the MM default policy, as most average buyers aren’t going to click the link to the DSP and read through.

I had someone inquire on one of my animals this fall, asking if I could hold the animal until December. Being based in a cold state and knowing December is the worst period for shipping, I made it known outright that while I could hold the animal until then (or until next spring), I would not be able to ship it at that time. Lost me the sale, which sucked, but it kept me from ending up in a situation like this.

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@beheco The seller should have communicated shipping beforehand, and you as the buyer, should have also asked about shipping and temperatures before sending any sort of money. Unfortunately this falls under a lack of communication for both parties. I hope the seller your dealing with returns your money.

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