Morphpedia 1.1!

Morphpedia is a new knowledge base of herp traits, genes and localities. In early October, we launched version 1.0. In the past few weeks, we quietly released version 1.1 which includes new features and have also published many more articles.

Morphpedia now contains almost 150 published articles. We’ve also added support for multiple categories and now have over a dozen Reticulated Python traits.

Other recently added features:

  • Better controls for exploring traits, including:
    • Searching by gene
    • Searching by gene complexes
    • A slider for origin date
    • Links from the trait index in the marketplace back into Morphpedia articles
  • Availability data to show how common a trait is in the marketplace
  • Symmetrical linking of related traits
  • Footnotes, because references are important!
  • Ability to share to Facebook - so you can help spread the word about this resource, and get more folks contributing

Upcoming features:

  • Graph showing availability date over time for each trait
  • Tags generated from complexes and issues
  • Improved related trait data by incorporating gene complexes

Find Morphpedia on our website or at along with videos that explain how it works. Please come and contribute knowledge to the community about your favorite genes.


Let me know how you guys are liking it! It has been a wonderful project to dive into.


I think this is an amazing project! It’s much more in-depth than most existing resources and has a lot of potential I think.

Once it’s more complete, I’d love to see morph combo names added to the ‘pedia, such as pewter, spinner, bumblebee, etc. — to explain what said combos look like and what they contain.
This could even expand to just any existing combinations, since it could help people ID their own hatchlings easier and even determine if they might have a worlds first.


The pages will be for base (single gene) morphs/traits. They do include combo names in the Combo sections and you can always check what’s in a combo over on the marketplace using this button …

In this initial stage we believe covering more species is more important than dumping all of our recourses into one. That’s not to say that we will never do combos, but right now we want everyone to have access to some information about the animals they keep, not just BP keepers.

The more people that contribute greater the resource!


This resource will always be getting bigger and better!


It’s looking really good, you guys!